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What We Do

commercial hydroponic and aquaponic systems

Farm Systems

Hydrilla offers wide variety of Aquaponics & Hydroponics systems and products and hydroponic nutrients.

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hydroponics & consultation services in india

Commercial Farms

Hydrilla offers full fledged design & consultation for Aquaponics & Hydroponics projects.

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hydroponics & aquaponics training classes in india


We provide training services to every farmer who is interested in hydroponic & aquaponics farming.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Common growing plants in Aquaponics & Hydroponics

A well planned crop portfolio is just as important as the market portfolio. The first step to planning that is to understand crops that have traditionally grown well in Aquaponics and succeeded in the market as well.

hydroponics cherry tomato seeds

Cherry Tomato

hydroponics broccoli seeds


hydroponics lettuce seeds

Oak Leaf Lettuce

hydroponics & aquaponics pepper seeds

Yellow Bell Peppers


aquaponics growing kale seeds


hydroponics growing mint seeds


hydroponics growing pakchoi seeds

Pak Choi

aquaponics & hydroponics growing spinach seeds


aquaponics & hydroponics growing cucumber seeds

English Cucumber

aquaponics & hydroponics growing parsley seeds


hydroponically growing sage seeds


Growing the Aquaponics Way

Aquaponics is not only a high density growing system but it also has some speed to show for. Seed to harvest times are expected to be 2.3 times faster than in conventional growing.

hydroponics crops growing time line
hydroponically growing basil seeds
25 days
oak leaf lettuce seeds
28 days
aquaponics growing broccoli seeds
100 days
aquaponics growing mint seeds
40 days
online sale spinach seeds in india
30 days
online sale kale seeds in india
40 days