1. Urban farms for greater good

Hydrilla is an initiative to bring sustainable farming methods to urban centers. At Hydrilla, we have integrated Agricultural Sciences with the latest technology to produce healthy food with high nutritional value. It’s done with incredible variety, with more than 30 different plants growing vertically in only one square foot of floor space. It’s done free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It’s done with a proprietary blend or organics and hydroponic components. It’s done with a minimal amount of water nearly all of which is recaptured and reused. And maybe most important of all, it’s done with attention to detail and loving care.



Why change farming?

Ever considered food supply chain the current day world? How does the food reach you after a farmer harvests it? The first customer are the various distributors that transport food hundred to thousands of kilometres in trucks, sometimes refrigerated, to a regional market or distribution centre. The food is then shipped to a local distribution centre. Third in line are the resellers, grocery stores, restaurants etc.

The moment a plant is harvested, it dies and its nutritional value begins to wane. Within 24 hours of harvesting, up to 80% of a tender soft tissue plant’s potent essential oils are lost, along with potentially half its vitamins and minerals. For many plants, those benefits are almost completely gone within three days.

With the current food supply chain , nearly 50% of the farm produce gets thrown out before it reaches your plate and the one that reaches you has lost almost 60% of its nutritional value.

With the population in metros increasing at exponential rates there is finite amount of arable land left. Current farming methods are using tons of pesticides and herbicides to protect crops from bugs and weeds, literally spraying our food with poison to kill other living things. These practices are leaving traces of that poison in your food. How about growing food right next to your home or on your terrace or balcony wherever there is free space?

What we do?

Hydrilla is an enterprise that aims to create awareness about sustainable and safe practices in the farming sector. Based out of Bangalore, we produce food using alternate farming techniques and also promote them in urban areas through research, training, and practical application to create safe food for everyday human consumption. 
With current farming practices, it is highly impossible to find safe food. Organic produce is very safe and environment friendly. But the price is unaffordable for many of us and the availability is limited. We at Hydrilla practice farming using innovative methods like Aquaponics and Hydroponics for safe and low-cost food production. We are dedicated to increase the adaptability and implementation of new technologies to provide one-stop solutions, at both community and personal levels.

How we do?

Hydrilla is not just a farming company. We are a technology company developing the future of farming. We have designed and built a metro farm that takes care of providing the right environment for a seed to grow into a healthy plant with the right nutritional value.

Driven by the dream of seeing fresh, clean, and local food being grown and consumed in communities everywhere, we have installed food-grade growing systems, fully automated greenhouse and our own developed nutrient formulations targeting healthy plant growth in an eco-friendly way.

Hydrilla Vision and Mission:

Hydrilla is an initiative to bring sustainable and easy to practice farming methods to urban areas. At Hydrilla, we have developed farming solutions using Aquaponics that enable a novice to grow their food which has high nutritional value and is completely pesticide free.

Below are of our initiatives with which we are enabling urban farming:

  • Customized small plant growing setup that can be installed in balconies, kitchen, free space in terraces etc. This setup will give you ability to grow the vegetables sufficient for your kitchen needs.
  • Complete Greenhouse solution on large homes and apartment terraces. With this solution we convert entire apartment terrace space which otherwise is lying waste into a full-fledged community farm for the apartment residents. 
  • Campus farms for schools, colleges and other institutions. Hydrilla's student awareness program is a step to impart Agricultural education to children staying in sync with the current trends in the agricultural domain enabled with technology. All the education modules are activity based and are framed to suit all Grades imparting the knowledge suiting particular child in a pure hands on basis.
  • We are carrying on innovative research in the areas of Greenhouse automation using IOT, Agriculture and Biochemistry and will accept students for internship in these domains.
  • Greenhouse solutions for farmers. Right from developing complete business plan enabling a farmer to obtain grants from Government to complete setup of the farm using latest technology and training, we provide our support to farmers so that they can benefit from the latest agricultural practices.