Job Title: Recirculated Aquaculture (RAS)/Aquaponics Farm Management

Company : Hydrilla

Location : Bangalore

Interested people can mail their resume to

  • At Hydrilla, we’re on a mission to take Aquaponics technology to masses. Aquaponics is the cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.
  • We are an aqua and Agro-tech company looking for a Research Associate who is excited to enhance all aspects of aquaculture research and development. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced energetic environment, you've found the right place!

Job description:

  • Aquaculture involves the farming of fishes under controlled conditions. An aquaculture specialist is a skilled professional who works on issues affecting sustainable commercial aquaculture practices.


  • Assist with all aspects of fish husbandry including feeding, fish grading, fish movement, water quality monitoring and fish inventory control
  • Supervise and train aquaculture and fish hatchery support workers
  • Collect and record growth, production, and environmental data
  • Conduct and supervise stock examinations to identify diseases or parasites
  • Sort different types of breeding stock in order
  • Handle incubation and short-term rearing of fish in net pens or small ponds
  • Conduct routine maintenance of facility and equipment
  • Oversee operation and maintenance of freshwater recirculated aquaculture systems (RAS).
  • Provide insight into planning facilities and construction of new aquaculture systems
  • Manage automated building and equipment control systems
  • Assist those interested in aquaculture in the development of commercially viable aquaculture systems and processes.
  • Design, supervise and implement biological studies on aquatic resources
  • Assess fish population in various bodies of water.
  • Compile, analyze and interpret biological data and compile technical reports.
  • Identify and treat diseases found in fish populations
  • Manage fish inventory and production in a hatchery
  • Work to find ways to improve spawning, setting, growth rates and disease prevention in hatcheries

 Necessary Skills & Qualifications:

  • BSC  -  Fisheries
  • 1 to 2 years of experience in an Aquaculture
  • Extensive knowledge in Fishries
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to lead a large team during harvest time
  • Forward-thinking mindset, able to see the big picture at all times
  • Ability to conduct formal training sessions and presentations
  • Interest in the hydroponic industry
  • Graduation/Certification course in fishries related field

About Hydrilla:

Hydrilla is a new kind of Agrotech for a new kind of world. We’re on a mission to bring fresh, local produce to communities everywhere in a way that’s better for the environment by using 1% of the water, 1% of the land, and none of the synthetic pesticides or fertilizers of conventional agriculture. Our local field-scale indoor farms are creating a healthier, more delicious and sustainable future.

We're a smart and fun group of people working hard to setup farms where we grow pesticide-free vegetables and Fishes that can go straight from farm to table, by marrying technology and plant science. We are not consultants. We are farmers. We help setup farms for others, but we do not deviate from our primary goal of farming and producing good quality vegetables and fishes.