The workshop delves deeper into the mechanics of Aquaponics & Hydroponics systems, plant and fish nutrition requirements, water and nutrient parameters, parameters to achieve commercial success in Hydroponics.Course attendees will get to visit the farm facility and understand various Hydroponics setups possible in a practical way. You will not go home empty handed! We will provide you with plenty of how to materials and a list of resources for future use, a commercial ROI plan for growing in Hydroponics. Book your spot today by completing the payment as per the instructions on brochure and sending a registration confirmation email to

Agenda – Day 1

    Introduction - 1 hour
  • Introduction to soilless farming methods
  • Introduction to hydroponics,aquaponics
  • Comparison to growing in soil
    Plant growth and nutrition requirements - 2 hours
  • Plant structure
  • Biochemistry
  • Biochemical cell processes
  • Mechanisms of nutrient uptake in various stages of plant growth
  • Photosynthesis; minerals and nutrients
  • Plant nutrition – Macro and Micronutrients
  • Impact of light, humidity, O2, CO2, other climatic conditions
  • Water quality and its impact
  • The role of pH and EC in plant growth
  • Addressing water quality issues in pH and EC
  • Nutrients from hydroponics & aquaponics
  • Inorganic salts and dynamics - How salts are balanced in a system
  • Lab practice - understanding pH and EC test kits and values
    Hydroponic Systems - 1 hour
  • Various Hydroponics Systems
  • Hydroponics system classification criteria
  • Closed and open systems techniques
  • NFT, DWC, Media Bed and other small-scale systems
  • Systems layout
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various systems
  • Soilless media types and properties
    Plant Culture and Disease management - 1 hour
  • Flow charting the crop
  • Seedling culture for various crops
  • Transplanting and spacing
  • Pollination, suckering, training and grafting
  • Harvesting and post-harvest storage
  • Disease management – Abiotic vs Biotic
  • Identifying nutritional disorders and corrections
  • pest and diseases in controlled environments
  • Hydroponic Vegetable Production
  • Plant directory
    Hydroponics Workshop in the farm – 1.5 hours
  • Demo of NFT, DWC, Media Bed, Dutch Bucket systems in the farm – farm activity
  • Seedling and transplanting in DWC and NFT – farm activity
  • Balancing nutrients, EC and pH in reservoir– farm activity

Agenda – Day 2

    Aquaponics - 0.5 hours
  • Understanding Aquaponics and nutrition
  • Nitrogen cycle – role of Bacteria
  • Water quality parameters related to Aquaponics
    Recirculating Aquaponics systems and principles - 0.5 hours
  • Components of Aquaponics – SLO,Mechanical filters, Biofilters design
  • Component sizing – fish to plant ratio, fish tank, biofilters and plant beds sizing
    Decoupled Aquaponics systems and design principles - 0.5 hours
  • Single loop systems
  • Multi loop systems
    Fish Culture - 1 hour
  • Fish variety and selection
  • Fish feed management
  • Diseases and symptoms
    Aquaponics Workshop in the farm - 1 hour
  • Understanding Nitrogen test kits and values lab practice
  • Working of SLO,Mechanical and Biofilters – farm activity
    Greenhouse Operation & Management - 1 hour
  • Growing crops in greenhouses
  • Fertigation systems
  • Horticultural management in a greenhouse
  • Greenhouse and other growing structures
  • Environmental Control - Heating/Cooling, Lighting/Shading
  • Environmental Control – Humidity and natural ventilation
  • Horticultural lighting
  • IOT automation prospects in greenhouses
    Business plan - Plan a hydroponic or aquaponic enterprise – 1.5 hours
  • Commercial farm business plan
  • Capex and Opex case study
  • Market survey, farm sizing, crop selection and management
  • References, resources and contacts
    Q & A - 0.5 hours
    Conclusions and wrap up
  • The course is given in English, basic knowledge of English is sufficient
  • Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Lunch and handouts are included in the training package
  • Training materials will be provided during the course
  • Certificate will provide for all participants

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