Hydroponic System - Linear NFT & Grow Bag System For 1200 sqft

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Farm Specifications

  • Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse : Polyhouse with fogging system Includes GI Structure, 200 microns poly film, anti insect net and Shade net
  • Linear NFT System : Includes the Openable NFT Channels 124mm*68mm -16 no’s of 3mtr, 3inch Net pots, Clay pellets, Coco peat , Reservoir , Motor, Plumbing and stand
  • Grow bag system : Grow bags –250 no’s, coco peat, drip irrigation kit, Reservoirs & Motors

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Polyhouse Linear NFT System Info Grow Bag System Info
Dimension* No. Of plants Plant varieties No. Of plants * Plant varieties
8m x 14m 304 Leafygreens & Herbs like Spinach, Amaranthus, Lettuce, Kale, Basil, mint....etcc 250 Vegetables like Tomato, Peppers, Okra, Brinjal, Chilies, Carrot, Cucumber,Cauliflower...etc

* Terrace/plot can have different dimension of same size

* For vine crops like cucumbers 2 plants can be planted per grow bag