Aquaponics Fish Tank - 1000 liters capacity

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  • 1000 liter fish tank
  • Rigid support structure
  • Portable and easy to install

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Fish tanks are a crucial component in every unit. As such, fish tanks can account for up to 20_percent of the entire cost of an aquaponic unit. Fish require certain conditions in order to survive and thrive, and therefore the fish tank should be chosen wisely. There are several important aspects to consider, including the shape, material and colour.


Although any shape of fish tank will work, round tanks with flat bottoms are recommended. The round shape allows water to circulate uniformly and transports solid wastes towards the centre of the tank by centripetal force. Square tanks with flat bottoms are perfectly acceptable, but require more active solid-waste removal. Tank shape greatly affects water circulation, and it is quite risky to have a tank with poor circulation.


Either strong inert plastic or fiberglass is recommended because of their durability and long-life span. Metal is not possible because of rust. Plastic and fiberglass are convenient to install (also for plumbing) and are fairly light and maneuverable. If using plastic containers, make sure that they are UV-resistant because direct sunlight can destroy plastic. In general, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) tanks are preferable because of their high resistance and food-grade characteristics.


White or other light colors are strongly advised as they allow easier viewing of the fish in order to easily check behavior and the amount of waste settled at the bottom of the tank. White tanks will also reflect sunlight and keep the water cool. Alternatively, the outside of darker colored tanks can be painted white. In very hot or cold areas, it may be necessary to further thermally insulate the tanks.


  • Fish tank made from high GSM tarpaulin
  • UV resistant Food grade material
  • Rigid support structure
  • Portable and easy to install


diameter- 3'6" and Height- 3'6"

Disclimer*Fish tanks available only in white color