General Grow Nutrients - 500 Liters

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General Grow Nutrients - 500 Liters

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Hydroponic formulation for promoting vegetative growth.

The Secret is in the sauce!

In the world of hydroponic farming, aside from sunlight, weather conditions and the quality of the water, everything relies on the excellence of the nutrients used to feed the plants.

As a result of right nutrient recipe, we have a superior crop yield and what we grow ends up featuring a much higher nutrient content than what can be produced through conventional farming

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Suitable for most leafy vegetables and fruiting plants (initial growth phase). Contains all macro and micro nutrients. For 500 liters of final solution. Available in two packets of water soluble nutrients.

Hydroponics general grow nutrients mixing instructions for 500 liters


Mix your own hydroponic nutrients from the packets provided to you. The entire contents make nutrient solution that can be used with 500 liters of water.


You will need the following to make your own concentrate / stock solution. This stock solution can be used later to make diluted nutrient solution of required volume.

For 500 Liters packets

  •  Two cans of each 5-litres capacity. Mark one can as ‘A’ and other one as ‘B’.
  •  A rod/stick for stirring.
  •  Indispensable Ink Marker.
  •  Measuring cup.


  • Take Can A and fill it up with 2.5 liters of water. Use water that is pure. RO water or distilled water is recommended.
  • Add the entire content of packet A into Can A and shake it well. Wait until it dissolves.
  • Now fill the Can up with water so that it contains 5 litres.
  • Similarly, take Can B and fill it up with 2.5 liters of water. Use water that is pure. RO water or distilled water is recommended.
  • Add the entire contents of packet B into Can B and shake it well. Wait until it dissolves. 
  • Now fill the Can up with water so that it contains 5 litres.

How to Make Nutrient solution

  • To make 1 litre of nutrient solution, take 10ml stock solution from Can A and mix it into 1 litre of water.
  • Take 10ml of solution from Can B and add it too. Use the measuring cup for correct measurement.
  • Now stir the solution well so that it mixes uniformly. You can use this to water the plants or to fill up the reservoir.


  • Nutrients once mixed in water have to be consumed within 3 to 4 weeks else they will lose their potency. So, make Stock solutions as and when needed and use them within 3 to 4 weeks after preparation.
  • The nutrient powders can be directly mixed into Hydroponics reservoir tanks, however, preparing stock solution is recommended to get all nutrients in the right proportions. If your hydroponics reservoirs are large enough to store 500 litres of water, then the entire nutrients packets can be directly mixed into the reservoir tanks. The sequence should be the same. Empty the contents of packet A into reservoir, mix it thoroughly, and then mix contents of packet B.
  • Please use RO water if pH of your water source is > 6.5. In case you are not using RO water, you need to use acid to bring the pH down. Contact us for guidance on the recommendation.

Disclaimer* All nutrients sold on hydrilla.in are for hobby gardeners and are not for professional or commercial use.