Grow system  - 36 plants Linear NFT System

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Grow system - 36 plants Linear NFT System

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Our hydroponic gardens are built with quality material and are designed for a seamless and user-friendly system adapted for all. Compact, customizable and flexibly designed gardens to fit in any space in any home

  • Size: 5 ft X 2.75 ft X 2 ft
  • NFT Channels of 124mm wide and 1.5 meter length
  • Expertly designed low maintenance systems
  • Easy to setup

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The NFT system is quite popular with commercial and home hydroponic growers as well. Because of the fairly simple design, NFT systems are suitable for growing various plants


  • Grow up to 36 plants (Leafy greens & Herbs) in this system.
  • NFT channels of 124 mm wide which allows excellent aeration.
  • This system can be used in standalone Hydroponics or converted to aquaponics.
  • Optimizes space & water usage.
  • Grower’s kit ensures growing success from seed to harvest.
  • Water pump, fittings, and accessories are included.
  • Nutrients suitable for growing leafy greens & herbs are provided with the kit.


  • NFT channels sizes: 124mm X 68 mm
  • Number of holes per NFT – 9 holes

Package includes the following accessories

Components Quantity Units
NFT Channels(1m length each) 4 nos
Net Pots 36 nos
Reservoir (20 litres) 1 no
Hydrotons 1 kg
Water Pump 1 no
Nutrients (General Grow) 1 100 litres solution
Seedling Tray(96 cells) 1 no
Coco Peat (650 grams Block) 1 no

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