Decoupled Aquaponics System

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Decoupled Aquaponics System

  • Area for the system is 168 sqft
  • Expertly designed low maintenance systems
  • Easy to setup

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In a decoupled system, an operator has the freedom to treat the plants as needed for pest and disease with no harm to the fish because the water does not go back to the fish tank. Also, if the fish require treatment that makes the water bad for the plants, an operator can still choose to treat the fish, purge the contaminated waste and run the plant component hydroponically with fertilizer additions when needed. This gives a lot of freedom and allows an operator to provide top quality care for the fish.


  • Grow up to 25 Kg biomass of fishes and 128 plants (leafy greens & herbs) in this system.
  • You can grow large root volume plants like Tomato, Cucumber, and Peppers and root vegetables in Dutch Buckets
  • Optimizes space & water usage.
  • Grower’s kit ensures growing success from seed to harvest.
  • Bio Media, Fittings and accessories are included.


Area required for the system – 168sqft (system components can be organized for varying dimensions)

Package includes the following accessories

Components Quantity Units
Fish Tank (1000 liters) 1 no
Filters 2 no
DWC (8ft X 4ft) 1 nos
Dutch Buckets (10 liters capacity) 15 nos
Net Pots(3-inch) 128 nos
Hydrotons 5 kg
Motors 2 nos
Air Pump(16 Watts) 1 no

Note: Price is exclusive of transport and GST


Systems can be customized as per your requirements

Hydrilla’s patent design filters used for maximum efficiency