12 Plants Growing Kit DWC

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12 Plants Growing Kit DWC

The plants are suspended from the lid of the container. The container acts as a reservoir. It is easy to assemble and is very compact. It comes with 12 plant spaces.

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In this Deep Water Culture system the plant's roots are suspended in a nutrient rich solution that is continuously bubbled using an Aquarium Air Pump. The DIY kit contains the following
Components Quantity Units
20 Liters Capacity DWC 1 no
Lid with 12 plant spaces ( Holes of 3" dia) 1 no
Nutrients (100 Liters Capacity) 1 no
Jiffy Plugs 12 nos
Net Pots(3-inch) 12 nos
Expanded Clay (Leca) 500 grams
Aquarium pump 1 no