Regular 3 inch net pots for Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics & Nursery, 50 Pieces

  • Net pots made from good quality plastic for growing plants in Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems.
  • pack of 50 pieces
  • 3-inch top diameter

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  • Net pots come in various sizes and can be used in various applications to suit your needs. We at Hydrilla meticulously working to provide Net pots which suit variety of growing medium and provide plants good support. Net Pots allow liquid to flow freely past the roots of the plants they contain, facilitating the uptake of nutrients. As the plant grows, the roots extend out of the holes in the net pot and grow down through the pots in search of water.

Features: -

  • 100% virgin PPCP material
  • Durable fine work
  • Heavy duty
  • Crack resistance
  • Trendy look

Compatible with

  • NFT systems
  • Deep water culture
  • Raft System
  • Ebb & Flow
  • Aeroponics


  • 85 mm top diameter
  • 60 mm bottom diameter
  • 70 mm tall